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We understand how to configure the League of Legends.

In this article, you will learn how important it is to configure management in League of legends. We will also put everything on the keys and tell you about the combinations.

Let's take a look at the controls and interface of the game LOL.

If you think why you need to know about management and why it is worth understanding it in such detail, we will tell you now. First, a confident and stable possession of your character will greatly facilitate the game and give you an unforgettable experience of the time spent in it. Here we will help you and show you how to choose the best mouse and keyboard controls. Also, in some places, we will tell you what you can change.

League of legends management.

  1. Computer mouse


Your champion moves around the map by right-clicking on the playing field. Also, to punish the enemy, you need to right-click on it. This also applies to the use of abilities.

  1. The keys on the keyboard

image image

Here everything is easy, always the keys are backed up to your abilities. The d and F keys will be responsible for the add-on. abilities.

  1. Number keys on the keyboard.


The game has actively used items, and these keys will be responsible for their use. They are generally placed from one to seven.

  1. LCM keys.


To use your super ability, click on the keys of this ability and hover over the enemy with the left mouse button.

  1. Keys for LCM numbers.


Also, click on the active item you are using, point at the player, and click the LCM.

  1. Mouse wheel.


If you want to choose a convenient image zoom, just scroll the mouse wheel.

  1. ALT LKM.


As soon as you press this key combination, a window with 4 options will appear. This is mainly used to notify the team of enemies on your line or that you might not like it.

What is Smart Cast for?

Basically, this feature gives you quick handling of items and your skills during the battle. You can view this function in the management settings.


In order to put a Smart Cast, tap on the zipper that is located below the skill buttons. As soon as you click on the zipper, it will start to light up in turquoise color and will already work in the game itself. Now you can just point the mouse at the enemy and click on any skill, and it is automatically used on it. I strongly recommend setting up Smart Cast for heroes who need to make quick combinations. And especially suitable for players who need to throw a quick control on the enemy (on others, you can safely play without it).

Let's analyze the interface in LOL.

1-hero Statistics 2 is a photograph of the hero 3-Button to increase the level 4 - All four skills of the hero 5-Health and mana of your champion 6-hero Spells 7 - window with items 8-Lock the camera or configure it 9-Map 10-a Counter showing your kills of Champions. 11-player's Tableau 12 - Ping, FPS


This photo will show all the items listed above. All Champions will have the same interface with skills. The map is always in the same place, and in principle, nothing changes. Also at the top of the screen will be shown the game time and achievements of the hero. In the upper right corner, you can view your FPS. Where your purchased items will be displayed, you will see below how much money you currently have. The game chat can be placed anywhere on the screen, but by standard it will stand in the lower-left corner. Next to the photo of the character will be your skills ( as the game progresses, they will grow). Under your skills will be a band of health and mana. Also below the icon of your character will be the level of your hero.

The statistics window of Champions.


To open this window, click on TAB. You will see a tableau with the statistics of the Champions. I recommend opening it in the game itself. All characters will be shown on it. Their level and collected items will be displayed. You will also be able to see who has fallen on the battlefields how many times and who has shown their strength how many times, and was able to survive in hot battles. Looking up the window, you can see what score your team is leading or losing. You can also see how many towers you destroyed or how many the enemy team demolished. But still, the most important thing in this window is to view the items that your enemy has collected. After all, if you know what the enemy has collected, you can collect your full inventory much better.

Items in the store.


To get to the store, you need to be at your base and poke the PCM on the most beautiful animal. As soon as you do this, you will see a window in which there will be a lot of different things. In General, it is always worth purchasing at the beginning of each game (but some players do not do this in order to get more powerful equipment before their opponents). So here is a shop window in front of you, there are a lot of items that need to be collected in different ways and for different Champions. In the left corner you will have a list that will allow you to conveniently choose loot for assassins, mages, tanks and shooters. Also do not forget that the purchasing window can be easily changed in the game settings, namely: choose a specific character for your special loot. And then when you enter the store, this champion will open exactly the loot that you set in the settings. All items will be shown in the middle, and you can scroll the mouse wheel to see everything there. At the bottom of the store window, your money will be shown, and in the lower left corner, your items and how much space is left to buy more. There will be a cross in the upper-right corner to close the store window.

In this article, we have shown the keys to control settings for a pleasant and good game. We took apart all the Windows, where and what is located. We hope that after reading this article, you will become much clearer and you will stop being confused. We wish you a good game and frequent victories. All the best!. #interesting #HD #games

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