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Serious Sam 4-Review

Cult computer game from my childhood in the genre of three-dimensional shooter from the first person. The developers of these games are the Croatian company Croteam from the Serious Sam series of games. The publisher of the fourth part will be Devolver Digital. The game was announced back in 2018 (April 19), and the release of Serious Sam 4 fell at the end of the summer of 2020.


For me, Serious Sam: The First Encounter, released in 2001, was not only the first game in the genre of three-dimensional shooter, but also a fascinating adventure of Sam stone in different locations of the game world. To defend yourself, simultaneously destroying hordes of various alien monsters, searching for weapons and difficulty levels with an increase in the army of enemies, foreshadowing a battle with the boss and finding at least some plot from the entire "meat dish"-an exciting thing. Exactly! "First blood" still carefully lies in my drive, next to other old, but cult games -- old ladies. For that distant 2001, the developers did their best! Convenient character management, excellent graphics, carefully designed monsters, divided into types and classes, a variety of weapons, etc.A special pleasure, for comparison with the games of that year and now, was, for some reason, Sam's uniform, namely: red sneakers, blue jeans, fingerless gloves, a brown belt, a white t-shirt. The most seemingly ordinary clothes will look so cool and simple. What do I mean? Often, I admit, I imagined myself, with identical clothes, as cool and fearless Sam. Be a muscular hero in ordinary clothes, right and left shooting or cutting monsters, is not this what the game added?

Compare it with other parts?

To be honest, the next two parts didn't really impress me. The storyline intertwined, which eventually led to a knot. It will be difficult to understand, without close monitoring of the hero, minor characters, conversations, and what, in fact, the game leads to. This is all subjective, but it is worth playing, at least, for charismatic heroes, killing alien monsters in various ways, for example, with a flamethrower (Oh, my favorite weapon), and other buns, thanks to which I love this game with all my heart.


Nostalgia and reviews from the announcement

If you were a fan of this game as much as I was, then the game's announcement was viewed by you. Yes, unfortunately, the presentation of the fourth part did not cause a storm of positive emotions and sleepless nights waiting for the release of the game, but quite the opposite. Reviews on various sites are full of negative expectations, prejudices, or even malicious speeches about the lost chance and time. It is worth Recalling that Serious Sam 4 is a plot prequel to the third part, so the miracle is not worth waiting for, or?..

The plot of the game Serious Sam 4

The events of this game, as the developer himself said, will take place on Earth during military operations with the Mental. It is stated that the main plot points are two countries-Italy and France. If you look at screenshots from the game, then maybe the circumference will include the territory of Russia. If you look at the official page dedicated to Serious Sam 4 on Steam, the game will feature characters from the third part (Serious Sam 3: BFE), who will appear side by side in the storyline of the fourth part, as well as fight side by side with our hero.



If you like to be nostalgic about the old days and finish what you started, then why not fight side by side with previously familiar characters of the game against the bloodthirsty monsters of the Mental. Steam offers to pre-order the game for a reasonable price. What am I? Waiting for a clear and exciting story, for improved, but previously familiar weapons, modified bloodthirsty enemies, and the eternal favorite -- Sam. #interesting #HD

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