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How to make the best Clash of Clans placement.

Base placement is the main mechanic along with the Clash of Clans attack. But there is a problem: your database is being destroyed and all resources are being taken away. Let's look at how to avoid this.

What types of wall arrangements in Slash of Slans.

In Clash of clans, the placement of protection in the form of walls is the key to good protection. The fence is better to swing to the 7th level (decorations do not work as protection, so they are useless in defense).

There are several options for placement:

  1. A single wall is the most basic arrangement of walls, where a row surrounds all or only the main buildings. Weak against archers and wall-breakers.
  2. Double wall -- the second row of the fence and the gap between it and the first row differ from the single one, it is better not to overdo it with the gap. For archers and wall-breakers, a double wall is already a hindrance.
  3. Internal and external wall is the line-up for rating and kV base, where TKH is in the middle (the inner wall protects the most important and the outer wall protecting her).
  4. Eggshells - placement for a farm where all storage is closed behind walls with 3 or more layers.
  5. Sectional protection-occurs most often, here the base is divided into cells, fenced off by a fence.
  6. Gaps and traps - here the fence deficit is compensated by the number of traps and special holes, between which the first ones are placed.

Clash of Clans placement of wall protection.

Wall walls attack the fence that covers the buildings, so you can put spaces in the right places, and then put traps there. This will help keep the fence intact for fatter units.

What you can put inside the fence.

  1. In Clash of Clans, the placement of the Builder should not be the same, since attacks occur simultaneously.
  2. Towers with splash damage because they are always the priority of the enemy. Breaking the fence units robust design pokazhutsya from the tower of the magician.
  3. AIR DEFENSE. Again, they are in the priority of the enemy because flying balls and dragons cause good damage.
  4. Storages. This is mainly necessary for farm bases because resources are lost when they are destroyed and therefore the development will slow down quite well.
  5. Th. This is mainly necessary for pvp, because for destroying it, the enemy will get a star, and you will lose cups.
  6. Defensive structures. They are the first and main priority for the enemy because while the units are distracted by destruction, they will be shot down by the defenses.
  7. Wells of black elixir. One of the longest-lived resources that is lost when a well is destroyed.
  8. Clan castle. It is easier here, if long-range units appear from behind the wall, they will calmly and harmlessly take out the enemies.

How not to correctly do the placement behind the fence.

  1. Camps barracks, factories elixir collectors and mines are not associated with the defense and storage of resources. It is better not to overdo it because for the destruction of 50% of the base, the enemy will get a star, but still they are not useful in defense. And it is better to place mines and collectors as close as possible to the wall and to the protective structures.
  2. Builder's houses. Useless in defense, except as a defense against the appearance of units inside the walls.
  3. Decors. No comments.
  4. Guildhall. Only for fans of Pharma because it will distract the opponent and inside the walls will be more space for storage and other things.

Little advice.

  1. If you think that the structure is not required for protection, then put it safely behind the gate, you will get a good bait.
  2. Distribute the storage to different cells.
  3. Have several base presets: one for active play with mines outside the fence, the second for recreation with well-protected mines.
  4. Protect the joints on the cells of the base because if the enemy penetrates into one cell, penetration into another will become more difficult.
  5. Mortars and at high levels of air defense it is better to place in the center, but not in close proximity to each other.
  6. Figure out how it's easier for you to play. If desired, you can continue to build the base from the edge further because it is much easier to develop. But if you want to crush the enemy, bring him to his knees and listen to the lamentations of the inhabitants of his village. Then you can already build a base with the technical characteristics in the center.
  7. Distribute buildings into cells.
  8. Place wizard towers next to mines and storehouses, and make them mutually defensible, but don't place them next to mortars.
  9. When improving the defense, make a permutation. #interesting #clashofclans

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