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Clash of Clans how to attack correctly.

Attack plays a huge role in clash of clans. But this is not a problem - if you are bad at pvp, then fortunately, here are tips that will help you win in the future.

Attack in clash of clans.

Attacking in Clash of clans, you will get resources, as well as cups. The number of the latter depends on the stars earned in the attack:

  1. You will get the first star for destroying 50% of the enemy's base.
  2. You will earn a second star for destroying your opponent's town hall.
  3. Third for 100% destruction.Resources will be received in the following ratio:How best to attack in clash of clans.Here are some tips for attacking in Clash of clans:
  4. As long as instead of the surrender function there is a button "end the battle" you can safely end the battle without losses.
  5. Because barracks train units and during the RAID it is better to collect a new army before, not after the attack.
  6. The crossbow is a true manifestation of attention to the minutiae of supercell Studio. If it is raised -- air mode, if it is lowered-ground mode. In addition, its performance is determined by the presence of arrows in the store.
  7. If there is no flame above the tower of hell, it is discharged.
  8. Yes, you will get a big reward when attacking upgraded players, but revenge from such a person will not make you wait long.
  9. Potion can be used to extract troops from the fortress of the clan, if any.
  10. You can also use the potion to farm the black elixir in exchange for trophies.
  11. With the help of cheap and not very voracious fast goblins, you will feel out all the traps on the enemy's base.
  12. Strong defenses are frozen with a special potion.
  13. Amplifying or poisoning potions are thrown on the pre-emptive.
  14. Two healing spells are a good substitute for a healer.
  15. Be suspicious of the void in the enemy's base.How to attack with balloons in clash of clans. Attack for people not particularly in a hurry, all units are slow. We will need 36 balls, 3 treatments, and a barbarian king. How to attack with giants in Clash of clans. This build is designed to quickly neutralize the base and then finish them off with the rest. We will need 2 healers, 15 giants, 5 mages, 67 archers, 4 demolition men. How to attack with boars in Clash of clans. You will need 35 riders, 25 archers, healing potion, barbarian king level 7. It's a good fit for sq. How to attack with dragons in Clash of Clans.

  16. Players underestimate dragons, but there is a way to play them. The EASY rule works here

  17. Choose a target for the dragon. They have goals that are a priority for the dragons.
  18. Clear the extreme buildings on one side, releasing one dragon at a time. And get ready to rush the cleared side, like the last time. #interesting #clashofclans

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