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Best games similar to Clash Royale

If you are, for some reason, tired of Clash Royale, but want to play something similar, then in this review you are presented with games similar to the hit supercell.

What you can play in addition to CR.

Clash royale is one of the most popular games on ios and Android. It boldly combines the genre of KKI and MOBA, but still, if you do not have enough unique mechanics, you can play a variety of clones with additional modifications. Some of them you will even like more than the original. Here are some good games inspired by the brainchild of supercell.

  1. Like a King-in Addition to the CR genres, RTS elements were added, and you also need to constantly build defensive buildings because you only have a castle, without towers. And units are sent along specialized routes.
  2. Iron Clash-strategy for the first world war. Here you need to build your stronghold, create units and fight in the diesel-punk setting. The similarity is achieved due to the presence of its own version of the elixir, which limits the moves and the number of units.
  3. Armor Blitz - a game with interesting pvp for fans of cute anime girls, as well as epic battles. Here everything is tied to the cards, they are going to a party of heroines, and they are strengthened by cards. All fans of this must try.
  4. Mini Guns -- another game that is somewhat similar in style to Team fortress. In addition to the basic principles, the game will offer you a variety of techniques and allies. Good luck to the new arrivals.
  5. Forge of Legends -- another one that took the Clash royal mechanics as a basis. It is combined with an advanced clan system and improved combat dynamics. #interesting #hd #clashroyal

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