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Guide to Clash Royal tournaments

Where to get into the tournament, how to earn money on them, what is the fee and how much it costs, for which you can be banned. You will find the answers in this guide to tournaments in Clash Royale.

What are tournaments in the Clash Royale

When you reach level 8, you will open the tournament mode, you can create or join both global and private tournaments. In this mode, you only have 3 error rights. The game will select your opponents depending on your skill, so it is not uncommon for special losses of players. Most often, players build decks specifically for the tournament in the Clash Royale.

How to get to any tournament in Clash Royale.

In addition to open tournaments, you may come across steam-powered ones. They can be found on special sites, where you can also log in to the disk server. (they may also be private due to streamers or top players). In addition, you will find tournaments on them that are not displayed in the search box, then read the description and change to the region specified there. In addition, read the rules and prohibited cards to avoid getting banned.

How to start a match.

And now, at the appointed time, you will be available to the battle mode, where you will clash up to 12 victories with your opponents. The winner will get a tournament chest with a special award. Also, in your free time, you can watch the fights that took place in the tournament.


Tournaments are fun for experienced or tricky players. Without preparation, it is better not to go there. But you can still watch Pro games on their broadcasts. In addition, supercell often organizes tournaments to explore new maps or just to coincide with dates. Most often modifiers are added to them in the form of random decks or football, etc. Good luck, duelist! #интересное #hd #clashroyal

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