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Where to find the hottest Striptease in gta 5

To play gta 5 and never look into a strip club is just a crime. If you haven't visited this place yet, now is the time to go there.

Next you will learn: - Where to find a strip club in gta 5 - Club services - How to order a private dance and what awaits you - All about strippers

Main part

In gta 5, the strip club is one of the most interesting and hot places. Therefore, without further ADO, we go to Vanilla Unicorn. The vanilla Unicorn is the only strip club in all of Los Santos. It is located next to the first Franklin house. A very important fact that should be taken into account in gta 5: order a private dance - this is a prerequisite to pass the game 100 percent. As they say, combine business with pleasure.

Where to find a strip club in gta 5

Vanilla Unicorn is located in Strawberry, Los Santos. We marked it on the map to make it easier to find it. Although it is difficult to pass by such a bright neon sign.

Features of the club.

As in any other bar, you can order a drink at the bar, although this is not mandatory. After all, in clubs and bars, drinks are very expensive. Then we go to the main hall, where everything interesting begins: half-naked beauties constantly dance on poles, while they change all the time. Girls can throw money and just watch what happens. When the stripper finishes dancing, she goes to the hall, and can also come up to you and offer your private dance. In order to spend time with her, you need to go together to a separate room.

How to order a private dance and what awaits you

You don't have to wait for the stripper to offer the dance herself - you can go up to her and ask for a personal show. This adventure costs 40 dollars. And after payment, you will go together to the VIP room. Private dance will surprise you, because it is a whole mini-game. Its essence is this: you flirt and touch the girl, but it is important that you do not notice the guard who will stand near the entrance to your room. But it will constantly move away, so there will be no problems. And even if you completely overdo it and forget about its existence, there will be two warnings before you are kicked out of the club. In the lower right corner of the screen there will be a strip that shows the stripper's liking for you. It is affected by flirting and touching. On average, by the second dance or its middle, the mark will rise to the maximum. And when this happens, the girl can invite you to visit. If you agree, you will pick up the beauty at the service entrance and take her home. So that the girl does not change her mind, drive carefully. When you arrive at the place, you will be shown a cast scene of a stormy night, and then you can find the number of this stripper in your phone. And, like the cherry on the cake: messages with intimate photos will be sent from the girl.

All about strippers

Girls named Juliet, Infernus, Sapphire, Nikki-you can take home in GTA V. But Peach isn't going anywhere with you. Working hours of dancers: 08: 00-20 --- 00-Juliet, Nikki 20: 00-08 --- 00-Sapphire, Infernus, Peach


If you played GTA 5 and did not visit the "Vanilla Unicorn", then run there, this is not an exotic show in Thailand. You will definitely not be left without impressions. You will also be able to complete two tasks that are required to get 100% completion of the game. The first is to watch a private dance. The second is visiting a strip bar with a friend. In General, gentlemen, you know what to do. #gta5 #action #adventure #Interesting #HD

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