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GTA5. How do I buy a car in this game?

The cars in GTA5 are so optimized that we couldn't avoid them. Let's figure out how to buy a car. In GTA 5, there are a lot of cars, each of which is good in its own way. Which one to buy for yourself and which one for a friend? I'll answer all your questions now. Yes, so that you were handsome.

FAQ below you will find out:

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How to buy a car in gta 5 online

Sooner or later, each of us will need our own car, without it in any way, it is an indicator of "coolness" in this game. The choice consists of many cars, it all depends on what you need it for. So, where can I buy a car in GTA 5? In order not to worry, you can buy a car in an online store using your phone. This is very convenient and fast. To start, go to the site "Eyefind.info", select the item "Travel and transport". Now we find a website for car sales and select a "soulful" car. Before buying, it is advisable to get a garage. So that your brand-new car can be parked somewhere. When you buy a car, it may immediately end up in your garage, where we can pick it up at any time. And if there are no roads nearby, you will need to drive to the specified marker and pick up the car.

How do I return a purchased car in gta 5?

Let's say we bought a car. We decided to go home and take a break from the hustle and bustle of this city. We parked our Lexus on the curb. We go back, but it's not there. The thoughts are not the most pleasant. But do not despair, open the map and look for the icon of our baby. We put a label on this place and rush to it in all pairs by any method. After the goal is reached, we approach the door of the magic Parking lot, which will give us our car. To do this, you will need to give 250 "green" and choose your car. After these actions, our beauty will appear in front of us. Now these little things will not distract you from life. And you can safely continue to learn this wonderful world of Los Santos.

How to make money selling cars in gta5 online?

Now we'll figure out how to set up a small business selling stolen cars. First, we are looking for a car that we want to steal. Walking around the city, you will find a lot of cars. Regular cars can be sold for 1000-2000 dollars, and sports cars --- up to 9000 dollars. When we find a suitable car for us, we get in it and drive to Los Santos Customs. This is a garage for upgrading and tuning cars. If in GTA 5 the garage is created for painting or repairing the car, then in GTA 5 Online it can also be sold. On the map, the garage will be marked as a can of paint. If during the theft, you were burned by uncles of the police, then you will not be able to enter the garage. Therefore, it will take a couple of extra minutes to drive around the city. After all the search stars are gone, we can safely fly into the garage. As soon as the car appears on the territory of the garage, we immediately have options for what to do with the car: repair, paint or sell. Choose the last option, agree with the price and the money is ours.

What kind of car to buy in GTA 5 Online?

Oddly enough, the car in GTA 5 Online plays a very important role. In one car, you can come to the showdown with the local boys. On the other, pick up girls in the area. Now let's figure out which car is best suited for this or that event.

TOP cars:

  1. "Karin Kuruma", which can be found on the website of cheap cars for $525,000. This machine is designed for all occasions, you will not be lost with it. You will be like behind a stone wall. This car is suitable for showdowns, no killer will get you. By the way, there are legends that it can withstand a missile strike, so be sure to try.
  2. "Pegassi Zentorno" will cost you $725,000. If you want to feel like a God in racing, then you are at the right place, this car is perfect for them. In drag racing, it is comparable to"Elegy Retro". If you have it and Stonegate, it will clearly stand out from other cars.
  3. "Elegy Retro custom", which you can buy in benny's workshop for $504,000. you will not win a drag Race with it, but it is not for nothing that it is on this list. You can love it for its appearance and rich tuning. The naked eye can see that it is based on the Nissan Skyline GTR in the thirty-second body. This fact is key in the direction of buying. You can talk about tuning for hours. There are an "infinite" number of customization options.
  4. " Duke O'death", can be purchased on the site of military equipment, for $665,000. The most "dangerous car". Since there are legends about it, it will withstand 1 direct hit from an RPG, but do not forget to pump the armor resistance to 100 before that. 5 " "Overflod Entity XF" for 795 thousand green, finishes the top. The sports car did not concede and is not going to concede to cars more than 1 million. Tuning on it is certainly not enough, but many fans appreciate this car, thanks to its appearance and status. You can choose which car to buy. But remember, each of them has its own role in this world.


Now you understand all the subtleties of the car world GTA 5, now you have to run and take the coolest car in the area. Have a good time. #gta5 #action #adventure #Interesting #HD

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