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Guide The sims 4. Character.

When creating a character in any sims game, in addition to facial features, name, and clothing, we are asked to choose a character. Here you will learn how to choose a character in Sims 4.

What are the different character traits in Sims?

Many in sims 4 will initially go to choose features, without delving into their advantages and weaknesses. This will be discussed later. First the Foundation. In the sims 4, there are only 97 character traits. 36 us access initially, and another 61 we will acquire in the course of the game. They are divided into groups: emotions, Hobbies, lifestyle, communication, additional and premium. Distributed in this order: image

What are the children's character traits

The character of children changes as they grow up. Here is a list of them:

  1. Angel-a fairly calm child does not contradict, there is nothing more to say.
  2. Frivolous -- faster pumps the imagination, likes to play.
  3. Capricious-a lot of crying and require attention about as much as crying.
  4. Inquisitive -- quickly pump thinking, love to learn.
  5. Independent-require less attention, pumping skills alone faster.
  6. Restless-Sad without walking, faster to pump the skill of walking.
  7. Charmer - quickly pump up communication skills, surround other Sims with love.
  8. Clingy-require more attention, pumping skills with someone faster.

What are reward traits?

We will get rewarded character traits for the skill level or buy them in the rewards store. Here is a list of them: image Also in the rewards store you can buy 30 more traits: image

What are emotions?

Emotions - the very first thing that the game will offer you to choose. There are 9 of them available, here is a list of them:

  1. Active -- get upset without exercise, strive to stay and lead others to a state of euphoria.
  2. Cheerful -- happier than others.
  3. Genius -- mostly based on mental skills, gets frustrated without learning them for a long time.
  4. Clumsy -- more often is in a playful mood.
  5. Romantic-often flirt, sad without romantic actions.
  6. Self-confident -- more often is in a confident mood
  7. The Creator-is based on creativity and is often at the mercy of inspiration, sad without creative work.
  8. Moody -- more often sad, during sadness faster swing.
  9. Hot-headed -- prone to angry.

What are Hobbies?

Hobbies relate directly to increasing leisure time and contact with the outside world. The game currently has 7 of them. Here they are:

  1. Gourmet-the mood increases when watching cooking programs and eating delicious food.
  2. Art critic-the mood increases when viewing works of art, as well as in dialogues can discuss art.
  3. Bookworm-the mood is increased by seeing books, and can also discuss and analyze books in a dialogue with SIM.
  4. Music lover-the mood increases when listening to music and playing instruments.
  5. Perfectionist-the mood increases when creating high-quality crafts, spoils with a bad one, and the creation takes more time.
  6. Calcmachine -- miss dances, the mood rises when the holiday action
  7. Extensive-the mood increases when reading fiction and passing games, it is better to look for collectors, get a negative effect when they are torn away from their favorite things for a long time.

What is a lifestyle?

The lifestyle directly affects the SIM's interaction with the world around them. There are 12 1s in total with DLC. Here they are: image

What are communication traits?

As not strange these traits affect communication between Sims. In the game there are 9 1 with DLC here they are:

  1. Dobry - Additional action - "discuss world peace", "donate to charity". When communicating, it adjusts to the mood of the interlocutor.
  2. Friendly-the level of communication decreases faster, and the mood increases with friendly communication.
  3. Bully-gets positive effects by messing up or otherwise interfering with other Sims.
  4. Spiteful -- is the opposite of the first trait (when communicating with sad people, happy people are happy), additional actions -- "laugh", "discuss insidious plans".
  5. Insider -- (DLC) get positive effects from visiting clubs and spending time with friends.
  6. Unstable-Additional action - "fear of decision-making". They don't like to meet the same person for a long time or work at the same job.
  7. Loner-ignores the scale of communication, uncomfortable with strangers.
  8. Against children-gets negative effects in the environment of children, it is difficult to conceive a child.
  9. Play the Board -- get a positive effect by watching sports. Synergize with other "friends in the Board", additional action -- "hug like a brother".
  10. Family man-Additional action -- "brag about family", like to be in the circle of relatives, get upset without them.

What are additional features?

These traits you do not choose, they appear depending on your desire. There are 10 of them in total. Here they are: image

How to change the character in Sims 4.

If you messed up with the choice of character, then you can change the choice in the following instructions:

  1. Ctrl Shift C
  2. Entering Testingcheats true
  3. The Input Cas.fulleditmode
  4. Click on the mirror and select " change appearance>>


The sims 4 has expanded character customization, both external and internal. In addition to the old features (mostly premium), new and unique ones were added. You can even make a good build here. Imagine: you approach a stranger, and after the first conversation, the scale of relations with him rose to the stars. Or after taking a job and two days worked, you are already a gen. Director. Sims gives a huge scope for wagering, and after all, there are still additions that expand this business. Try creating someone unique. #sims4 #simulation #Interesting #HD

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