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Mod for Sims 4. Robots

DLC on technology in Sims adds the skill of robotics, which allows you to create technologies that make life easier. How can I improve my skill and what should I do? You will find out here.

How can I upgrade robotics?

The skill is trained in practice or through books:

  • Robotics. Volume 1. Principles of chip operation
  • Robotics. Volume 2. Creating the perfect bot
  • Robotics. Volume 3. The inevitable singularity

Books need electromagnetic storage (you can buy it or find it in the library). We need the option "AI in robotics", in addition, the skills of "scientific research" and "debate"are enhanced.

How to make a robot in Sims 4

For those who have decided to take engineering seriously, you need the "Official table of robotics of Dr. F." and start the Assembly. That is logical, initially AI from the combined minds of the Korean starkrafterov you can not create, but this is only the beginning of a long journey. Paths to the future.

Why do we need the details.

Everything you create consists of details. The most necessary of them is a "robot Part", it is dropped from research or purchased using a computer. In addition, you will need parts to improve the devices from the main game, which are also ordered. But they are also the biggest minus of the mod, and more specifically, you will need a lot of them. And that means a LOT. But at a high level and with another DLC, you can trade these details. Also, using Ctrl Shift C, then entering "Testingcheats true" and finally pressing the shift on the table-two empty options will appear (left-deleting all parts, right-50 parts of each type and 99 parts of the robot).

What you can create:



The first thing that you created not from consumables is a chatterbox Bot. An ordinary children's toy with a button "Click to speak" -- when pressed, the robot will pronounce various phrases. Moreover, in a conversation with children, he clearly has more replicas than with adults, the answer to which will serve as a single phrase. Literally on 1 level, having pumped robotics, you will be able to create a quadracopter -- this is already a toy for older children.


When you increase your robotics skill to another level, you can create helper bots. They will help you around the house, have a party and just look stylish. Gather everyone, and you will not need to do anything around the house and will only need to pump the skill further. Bots can also be improved. And the only negative is the rains (for obvious reasons).


Spywarebot is practically a new character in addition. It has its own needs, modifications. The robot is unique and pleasing to the eye.


An unlucky engineer will create a robotic arm in order to avoid being electrocuted so often. As a bonus, it will reduce the time of research, and also bring a little cyberpunk atmosphere. The hand has 7 colors. Note! For installation on a character should not be a costume that spans multiple parts of the body because the hand is replaced by an upper item of clothing.

What are "test motivators" and why are They needed?>>

Even at the very start of the engineer's path, SIM can create test motivators. When activated, they change the mood, add positive effects and give out bonuses. And in case of failure, negative effects are imposed (be careful in applying them), for example, instant hunger.

Smart glasses

Smart glasses don't make much sense. They are created at the 9th level of the skill "computer engineer" and perform the functions of a smartphone, but with a more futuristic design and have the ability to scan interlocutors.

Exosuit and ecoslim

The suit and sci-Fi helmet are created by experienced mechanical engineers. The helmet increases the speed of learning logic and robotics, and the suit increases the speed of mechanics and fitness. Creating them is very expensive. But pumping the necessary branches will speed up.


DLC add-on is interesting, but expensive both in terms of technical resources and time. Although it brings to the game a huge number of consumables and things that simplify pumping. Career is interesting and will obviously make life easier for many. #sims4 #Interesting #HD

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