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Looking for fun in GTA5

You can create anything in GTA5. Want to hijack a plane or stage a robbery of the century? In this game, there is any entertainment. It all depends on your imagination! The GTA series of games is more than just an open world. Here you can make all your dreams and fantasies come true. Live your life for three different characters, each with their own unforgettable story. Here you can not only plant a tree and build a house, but also make sure that you are remembered by everyone for centuries. And who and how, it's up to you. This article will be interesting both for people who have just started playing, and for those who have already passed this unforgettable world. Now we will figure out what you can do in Grand Theft Auto 5 in addition to the main plot.

Next you will learn:

  • how to steal a plane?
  • where can I get a tank?
  • how to Rob a Bank?
  • what is ski jumping?
  • list of interesting professions
  • what hobby to choose in the game and how to entertain yourself
  • how to pump your car
  • list of professions

So, let's go:

How to steal a plane in GTA5

All old school students should remember one of the most difficult missions in GTA San Andreas, where we had to get into a helicopter and perform such maneuvers that only the most persistent ones did not burn. If you want to experience the same sensations without undermining your chair, you just need to get in the car and drive to the airport. There is already the sunlight penetrate into the airport itself and are looking for an outdoor plane will fall and closed. We take to the sky and do what we like.

Where can I get a tank?

Do you want to smash the whole city and arrange a cool chase with 5 search stars? For this we need to go on a military base "Fort Zacundo" and find a tank that is patrolling this area. Most often they can be seen near barracks and hangars. That's it, you have a fun time, mark the time and keep as much as possible with the maximum level of search.

How to Rob a Bank?

Robbery is a great way to raise money. We'll need accomplices, transport, and weapons. Divide the characters so that everyone knows their task and study the place of the robbery in advance. Then just break into the Bank, take the money and hide from the chase - this will be the most difficult moment.

Unique jumps on trampolines.

Want to become a trickster and earn money? And this is possible in this universe. Looking for the fastest car in the "wild West". We sit in it and rush to look for jumps. Gaining speed and doing tricks in the air, we get more money. Trampolines are scattered all over the map and it will not be difficult to find them.

Complete list of Hobbies and entertainment in GTA5

  • Sport.

This is a good option if you wanted to play tennis, Golf or triathlon, but in real life there are no such opportunities. The game will be happy to provide you with everything you need to achieve these goals. To play Golf, you will need to come to a closed club, where there are only majors and stars. As for tennis, only Michael and Trevor can play it. Any commoner can do a triathlon, but you won't get any money for it, of course. But your endurance will increase to new heights. There is also an option for those who are tired of the city bustle and want to be alone with themselves. Hiking in the mountains will help you find your inner Self.

  • Hunting wild animals.

To do this, we need Trevor - one of the main characters of GTA5. It can hunt in the state nature reserve at the foot of the "Chilliad " mountain. Please note that this action can be performed between 05: 00 am and 19: 00 PM. Don't forget to find a trailer and change into a special hunting costume. And then you won't go to jail for killing animals.

  • Photo hunting.

Maybe you are a lover of all kinds of animals and can not hurt the animal. Then you can do photo hunting. To do this, you need to be the happy owner of a Curling iron of the 3rd generation or xbox360. Be connected to PSN or Xbox Live, complete the prologue, and take part in a photography competition from the tourism Department organizers. After completing the side mission "Paparazzo" from Beverly Felton, Franklin will receive a message about the start of the competition for nature photographers. You will also receive an email in a few seconds with a confirmation and description of further actions. We will need to photograph 20 animals, you can photograph them from any position and angle, the main thing is to see an additional point at the bottom of the screen to send the image. And remember, your selfies are not accepted!

How to pump your car and win any race.

LS Custom is a car tuning salon, there are four such establishments. On the map, you will be able to notice them, thanks to the icons of the spray can. Improve and repaint the car and any girl in Los Santos will be yours. But not only for the sake of girls, we upgraded the car, you can also win the authority of local boys through the race, there are only 5 of them in this area. To do this, we need to pass the "Shift Work"task. After that, you will be offered to participate in illegal races. Be alert the race starts from 20: 00 PM to 05: 00 am.

And who can I work with on weekends?

Since all the entertainment is over, you can work. Honestly, there are a lot of professions in this world. From tow truck driver to first class medic. Now let's look at some interesting examples:

  • Taxi driver - one of the easiest jobs in GTA, which will help to raise a little money at the start. All we have to do is move people from point A to point B, preferably quickly and carefully. Just like in a driving test simulator. To get a job as a taxi driver, you need to steal a taxi.
  • There is an option to work in government agencies. A police officer, a medic, or a firefighter. In all these professions, you need to help people or catch a criminal within a set time. The scheme is the same as in a taxi, but at the same time, we will need to change into a civil servant's uniform.
  • A worker in a quarry. This profession, the goal of which is to complete seven tasks that will open after passing the "Explosive situation " quest. The main essence of the work will be to remove stones, explosives, catch up and punish gangsters (suddenly, right?) In General, unexpected turns will not keep you waiting and the work will be fun.
  • Courier - also a simple job, deliver special packages and try to get them into the glowing zone, there should be a joke about pizza in Vice City. Delivery time is limited, and packages must be delivered in a certain sequence.
  • Parking authority - this profession is suitable for Fraklin. Opens after it buys the Parking ticket. We get orders from the dispatcher, come and pack someone's car. Perhaps one of the owners will want to argue with you and you need to be prepared for this.

What are the Easter eggs, secrets and references waiting for us in GTA5?

If you have passed the game through and through and do not know what to do with yourself, this information is for you. Let's look for Easter eggs!

  • Chicken or pigeon?

For GTA 3 and 4 players, there is a reference in the form of a statue of a chicken with a cone in Paleto Bay. In the third part, the cone was considered an act of vandalism, and in the fourth part, a roflom over politicians. But in the fifth part of GTA, not everything is so simple, since this cone, which was left by Cluckin Bell employees, hides a terrible truth... The chicken is actually a pigeon.

  • Luke from the TV series "Lost", old school will appreciate.

What only does not hide the sea, so in GTA one of the valuable finds can be a hatch. In which you can observe a mysterious light and hear a knock. This knock is encoded in Morse code. If you decipher it and translate it into Russian, you will get the phrase: "Hey, you never call, how about going bowling?>> And it's also a reference to GTA 4, on the annoying Novel.

  • Chicken or something masculine?

On the mountain " Chiliad", you can see a lot of interesting things. But our attention will be drawn to an ambiguous figure. Which can be mistaken for a chicken and a male organ at the same time. The fact is that the word "Cock" has two meanings: the first is a chicken, and the second in slang is a male aggregate.

  • The current reference at The moment is Anna Rex posters

On these posters, you can see skinny girls who are associated with anorexia. This problem exists and was, and it is important that the developers noted it.

And there are also links to other games:

  • MAX Payne 3. Michael de Santa - one of the protagonists of GTA5, looks very similar to max from the game of the same name.
  • Red Dead Redempion. On the t-shirt of a random passer-by, you can see the main character of RDR.
  • Dark Souls. While performing one of the missions for Michael, at the moment when he is doing yoga with his wife, an additional task appears. Which is called " Praise the Sun", a gesture with this name is in Dark Souls. #gta5 #gtafun #gtasecrets #Interesting #HD

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